Travel Safety

Travel should be a fun experience whether for business or for pleasure. Travelers are, however, sometimes victimized by crime and violence, or experience unexpected difficulties. Criminals, terrorists and the run of the mill thugs are all dangers when traveling. There are certain actions to take which can minimize your risk.

– You want to look your best, but you don’t want to attract attention. Jewelry and flashy clothes attract criminals. Don’t wear provocative clothes, either sexually or with hot button political statements on them.

Jewelry – Stick with the weeding band. If you wear other rings, turn them band side up in risky areas. Wear inexpensive watches. The rule is to keep it simple.

Be inconspicuous – Don’t look like a tourist. Don’t flash cameras, maps, travel brochures.

Shoes – Wear comfortable shoes that you can run away in if needed.

Bags – Wear bags across your body so they can’t be yanked off your shoulder. Backpacks are better.

Don’t wear headphones – Be aware of your surroundings. Thieves look for distracted people.

Home address – Hide your address tags on your luggage. Use tags that require being taken off of the bags to be read. Thieves often will call accomplices in your home town to sack your house while you are away.

Laptops – Carry your laptop in a backpack. It is more inconspicuous and easier to carry meaning that you will have a harder time forgetting it somewhere.

Hotel Safety

Hotel Security Features – Look for magnetic cards, instead of keys. Keys are harder to control and usually have the room number on them. Refuse the room if it doesn’t have a phone, deadbolt, and window locks. Make sure everything is in working order.
Hotel Room Safety – Make your room always look occupied -Always put out the do not disturb sign, play the TV when away and never put out the maid service requested sign.

Hotel Personal Safety- When checking in, ask the bellhop to escort you to the room. Check the closets, under the bed and in the bath to make sure it is empty. If the bellhop is not available, prop the door open with your bag and check the room. When someone knocks on your door, be sure of their identity. Ask for a receipt under the door if room service or a delivery. Call the front desk if not sure.

Always remember; never feel foolish when asking for verification. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Trust your instincts.

The US Department of State has more good tips for when traveling abroad.


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