Internet Scams

Scams, especially Internet scams are on the rise and a novel method are being devised to trick people into losing out their moneys and in some cases their identity too, which could be used to commit frauds. Some of the most popular scams are listed below:

·    Chain Letters or Emails asking you send an email along with some money by mail to the top names on the list while adding your name to the bottom and thereby making millions when you receive back money from others. There are several variations to it.

·    Turn your computer into a money-making machine which asks you send some money and then you will be sent instructions on how to place ads and pull in suckers to "turn their computers into money-making machines”.

·    Typing At Home scam wherein after sending the fee to the scammer for more information, you receive a disk and printed information that tells you to place home typist ads and sell copies of the disk to the suckers who reply to you.

·    Call this 1-900 number for more information doesn’t require much time or money as these numbers cost money to call and the scammer makes all the money.

·    In the medical billing scam you pay $300-$900 for everything you need to start your own medical billing service at home when the real fact is that most medical clinics process their own bills or outsource the processing to firms and not individuals.

·    The Domain name registration scams tell a domain owner that in order to keep their domain listing they have to send a check for a certain amount where in fact these are usually registered for a year.

In fact, the Internet Scam Busters site  lists 10 top scams that are being circulated on the net with tips on how to avoid them.

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